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We are Alpha Nu. Founded on February 27th, 2008, we strive to create an environment for young women of all backgrounds to flourish. We are committed to cultivating a positive experience for our sisters that fosters a sense of Leadership, Scholarship, Multiculturalism, Unity and Sisterhood. Through these five pillars, our sisters are encouraged to live out their dreams and to become leading voices throughout there communities.    


We are incredibly diverse in every way possible. And that's what sets us apart from the others. We celebrate our different backgrounds and walks of life. It's what's make us unique, and it unifies us.  Explore what life is life for a Nu Lady through our videos, or read about different sister experiences in our blog below.

February 24-26 2023   ||   Pullman, Washington

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Alpha Chapter

Spring Semester Recruitment

Jan. 13 & Jan. 17 - Jan. 20


Pullman, WA


We're excited to see YOU!

Spring-semester recruitment is just around the corner! Learn all the facts about the Nu Ladies on campus and what we're up too! >>>

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