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They are more than just words to our sisters; they are the values each of us hold dear and aspire to live by each and every day. We put these words into action and it sets us apart from other sororities. We are Leaders, both in our communities and abroad. We are Scholars, and empower other women to achieve their life asperations. We are Unified in our Multiculturalism. We are a Sisterhood, growing strong, and we invite you to Come As You Are as we explore our values in action.


We hold academic success in high regard. So we're here to help push our sisters forward and see them achieve their goals. The alumna of Alpha Nu are always willing to offer guidance, tutoring and mentorship to any sister in need of academic help, as well a resource as to where to find help in the future.


Through unity, we envision a future where women of different backgrounds, cultures and experiences can excel within their chosen fields. Because of this, we're empowered by our embracing of diversity and celebration of our sisterhood. 


Alpha Nu believes that every woman can be a leader in her community. We also recognize that leadership can manifest in many different ways. Because of this, every sister is afforded the opportunity to hone in her leadership skills through development and training programs and is always encouraged to speak her mind. Many of our collegiate sisters hold positions both within and outside of Alpha Nu. Likewise, many of our alumna go on to continue to hold leadership positions both at work and within their communities.


Alpha Nu seeks out sisters who believe in the power of diversity and wish to further explore multicultural ideas and values. We believe that the preservation of different cultures and cultural identities goes hand-in hand with the ideas and values behind unity. Because of this, collegiate Alpha Nu chapters are expected to be apart of every multicultural council and our sisters (both collegiate and alumna) regularly  attend cultural events.  


Sisterhood is the bond that keeps us together, unified and strong. Sisterhood with Alpha Nu is a lifelong commitment that depends with every passing year. The friendships we make within our sisterhood will last for our lifetime and we're consistently thankful for it. Because of this lifetime commitment, Alpha Nu works hard to make sure that we continue to host events that will bring all our sisters together, and provide ways for sisters to keep in contact with one another, long after graduation. 

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Founding Date: 

February 27, 2008

Greek Letters: 



“Come As You Are”


Turquoise, Black and Silver


Black Panther with Turquoise Eyes


White Orchid




American Cancer Society (Learn more >>>)


Scholarship, Leadership, Unity, Multiculturalism and Sisterhood


To embrace diversity and promote cultural unity.

To maintain a sisterhood that encourages and supports higher education and the achievement of life aspirations.

To empower women of different backgrounds, to become leaders throughout their communities.

To inspire others to uphold to the values of Alpha Nu.

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