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To Parents and Guardians,


Welcome to Alpha Nu’s Multicultural Sorority, Inc.’s Website!


First and foremost, thank you for taking an interest in your daughter’s higher education. We know first hand how scary it can be having a child go off to college-- especially if they are attending a school far away from home. You may not know it now, but your daughter will come to love and appreciate all the support and advise you’ll pass down to her.


Students often face new challenges when they make the transition from secondary to higher education. With all the options college life can present, it can be easy for freshmen to get overwhelm and off track. When trying to navigate a new colligate system, it can become frustrating, tiring and distracting.


This is where sisterhood comes in.


With our pillars of leadership, scholarship, unity, sisterhood and multiculturalism, you can take comfort in the fact that we are here to support your daughter and empower her to achieve her life goals and aspirations.  Our older sisters are always available to be a listening ear when needed and are able to offer advice and resources to younger women.


We take pride in our motto, ‘Come As You Are’ and conduct our business with these words in mind.  We encourage our sisters to be who they are and to never be pressured into being someone they are not. Through sisterhood, we truly do become and build a family away from home. That support system is vital and one of the reasons Alpha Nu has been so successful over the years. 


Below you’ll find a few resources detailing the benefits of Greek life, the history of Alpha Nu and what our sorority can provide your daughter.  We encourage you to continue to learn more about us as an organization and keep the conversation about Greek life going with your daughter.


Thank you again for your interest in our sisterhood,


Gagenpreet Dhatt

National Board of Director President

Alpha Nu Multicultural Sorority, Inc.





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