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We have come a long ways in the last 9 years.


From humble beginnings in Pullman, WA, we have grown to over 90 members strong. Together as sisters, we have upheld our pillars of scholarships, leadership, unity, multiculturalism and sisterhood, and have stood by our purposes. We have created bonds unbreakable, collectively traveled the globe, and between us, have earned over 60 degrees in a variety of fields.


In our communities, we have spent over 2,000 hours in service, donated over $5,000 (this is estimate) to our philanthropy and have given out more than $1,000 in scholarships (again close estimate, real numbers would be nice!).


We have done a lot in these last years. But there is so much more we as an organization want to accomplish!


Within these next few years, Alpha Nu hopes to expand our sisterhood across the Pacific Northwest, and empower women throughout the region to become leaders within their communities.


As we expand through this region, we would also like to increase the number of students we impact through scholarship opportunities like our “Come As You Are” scholarship and through service work.


Other needs, such as providing our own insurance coverage are also important for us in our future. 

While these goals are grand, they are obtainable.  But we need your help.


Donations form sisters like you would provide the monetary support needed for us to build the infrastructure necessary to reach these goals. This includes, the official formation of alumni association chapters, a larger scholarship fund for sisters and community members, better access to development training for sisters and amongst other things, a larger monetary commitment to the American Cancer Society. 


No donation is too small, and all donations are tax deductible. Donations may be set up as a one-time transaction, or as a reoccurring event—whichever is most convenient.


Thank you in advance for your support and investment in our sisterhood. We can’t wait to grow and expand with the help of loving sisters like you!







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A Special Thanks to Thoughts Who Have Donated!

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