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Alpha Nu's Stance on 'Muslim Ban', No DAPL

Alpha Nu Multicultural Sorority, Inc.


Pullman, WA: Alpha Nu Multicultural Sorority blossomed into existent during a political and social awaking in this country. Founded in 2008 with the spirit of ‘Yes We Can’, our founding mothers represented a bright spectrum of diversity. As we grew, so did our love, respect and understanding for all people of all backgrounds.

For nine years, we have proudly and unabashedly stood tall against any acts or persons who refused to believe in the resilience of womxn, and in the strength of communities of color. We proudly believe that womxn rights are human rights, that love is love, that Black Lives Matter, that water is life and that no human is illegal.

Last week, the political landscape of this country drastically changed, but our hearts and our spirit have not. We, as an organization and as individual sisters rebuke the actions of Donald J. Trump and his administration. His executive order that would put many, womxn, children and college students at risk of loosing their health care applaud us. We are repulsed that he opened up avenues for Keystone Pipeline to destroy waters used by the Sioux Nation and millions of other Americans. We are angered that he would mar this nation with a wall that divides us, instead of finding ways to heal us.

Equally so, we reject the executive order signed on the 27th of January that aims to isolate and vilify our Muslim brothers and sisters in the Middle East and bars those with properly vetted visas, green cards and dual citizenships from entering the country in a timely manner. To that, we are horrified that our nation would choose to ignore and turn away innocent Syrians as they flee from civil war and persecution, forgetting the mistakes we made with those fleeing persecution during the Holocaust.

The sisterhood of Alpha Nu Multicultural Sorority Incorporated stands strong in our solidarity with all groups currently disenfranchised and discriminated against within this current administration and will use our voices to show continued support.

We are thankful for the judges who have issues temporary stays, to the lawyers working on the ground, to the congressmen and women working to overturn this order and to all the people who are rising up and demanding that all people be treat with basic human decency, especially within the boarders of this nation.

We encourage anyone looking into how they can help, to support organizations such as ACLU- WA, and The Northwest Immigrant Rights Project .

About Alpha Nu Multicultural Sorority Inc.: Alpha Nu was founded on Feb. 27th 2008 by seven culturally diverse women on the main campus of Washington State University in Pullman, WA. As the first multicultural based and founded sorority on the WSU campus, the founders sought to create a new kind of sorority that invited women to be authentic with themselves through the motto of ‘Come As You Are.’ Guided by our pillars and purposes, Alpha Nu strives to give young college women the means and the tools to excel academically and realized the fruition of their goals.

For a media kit or more information on Alpha Nu, please email: or visit

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